Romeo and Juliet

Renata Jankovic

Mehdi Mansour

Riley Campbell

Melanie Weingarden

Description of Pedagogical Tool:

A Modern Adaptation of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet: The pedagogical tool that we have chosen to use as part of our multiliteracies project was a video sample of two scenes from the play Romeo and Juliet rewritten into a modern way and adapted using another modern piece of work(Harry potter in our case), or some other work. This tool is important because not only is it used as a hook for the students to get them excited about Romeo and Juliet and start looking at it differently, it also is the project that the students will be doing at the end of the unit with the same play. This video is beneficial for any grade ten teacher who is about to teach Romeo and Juliet or can be used for other plays if they would like to. The concept of the video can be in a cross-curricular way as a history teacher may used the idea to have their students to come up with how some historical concepts would look in our modern world today. This video is easy to access, fun and cheesy and is a great pedagogical tool that can be used in the english curriculum.

Pedagogical Tool:

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Shakespeare, W., & Durband, A. (1985). Romeo and Juliet. Woodbury, N.Y: Barron's.

Rowling, J. K. (2001). Harry Potter. London: Bloomsbury Children's.

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