When Life Gives You Lemons Boardgame

Pauline Finn

Ghada Aljannati

Ryan Alarie

Description of Pedagogical Tool:

This is a board game that is used to review the personal finance unit of the Grade 12 College Mathematics Course. The game walks the students through the various financial decisions they will have to make in their adult lives. This tool could also be used in the Careers/Civics course as the game touches on further education, student loans and employment.

Pedagogical Tool:

Lesson Plan:
Praxis Paper:
Resources Used:
Used as a resource for the Vocabulary Self-Collection Activity

Ruddell, M. R., & Shearer, B. A. (2002, February). "Extraordinary," "Tremendous," "Exhilarating" "Magnificent": Middle School at-Risk Students Become Avid Word Learners with the Vocabulary Self-Collection Strategy (VSS). Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 45(5), 352-363.

Used to create the mortgage chart.


Ontario Grades 11 and 12 Mathematics Curriculum