4th Wall Music-Adult Learner

 Adult Learner, 4th Wall Music

Short Interview

This adult learner describes that her best form of learning is done when music is playing in the background. She truly believes that music can change the way you feel, the way you communicate your feelings and thoughts, and even the way you react to situations.

According to Scollon and Scollon (2014), “The sound waves of speech or music dissipate relatively much faster than the ink-formed letters of a hand-written note tacked to a message board” (p. 213). In this regard, music is a powerful method of communication that can be understood as an ephemeral expression of learning and knowing. Like oral storytelling, music must be appreciated in the moment, reminiscent of mindfulness that calls for drawing attention to events that happen in the present.

Here is the link to 4th Wall Music: https://4thwallmusic.com/