4th Wall Music-Amy Ley

Amy Ley, Adult Educator and Artistic Director of 4th Wall Music

“When you have a multi-sensory experience that this is exactly what helps open the window to finding connection and relevance.” – Amy Ley, Artistic Director of 4th Wall Music.

Short Interview

Music is a symbolic language that expands people’s imagination, emotions, and thoughts. Amy speaks about the mysterious and unique pairing between taste and music and shares the example of linking spicy foods and spicy music. Spicy music could include a fast tempo, beat, and rhythm. According to Serafini (2014), “Perception is a dynamic process in which the brain automatically filters, discards, and selects information, and compares it to an individual’s stored record” (p. 31). Much in the same way, by presenting their audience with what is considered to be spicy music, 4th Wall musicians are bringing forth spicy foods into their audience’s minds, which is something with which they might be familiar.

Here is the link to 4th Wall Music: https://4thwallmusic.com/