French Lit.-Towela Okwudire

French Lit.

Adult Education

Towela Okwudire, Director and Adult Educator, French LIT.

“The other thing was the travel in part that I recommend to them because there needs to be some movement, there needs to be a little bit of nature, we have to get outside of the classroom. So I was trying to see what are those little things that a parent does or a teacher does with a young learner for language generation to happen. When are my adults actually, finally, picking up language? Many times, it was not in the classroom. So it had to go a little bit beyond that. I had to find ways to help them make French somehow bigger than that.” Towela Okwudire, Director and Adult Educator at French Lit.

Short Interview

Towela speaks about how important it is for teachers to understand and cater to their students’ needs and language acquisition goals. At French Lit. Towela and other instructors work to build a teaching and learning environment that encourages authentic language learning by using active learning practices. Turuk states, “Language learning must be taught in a way that is “meaningful and relevant to the individual” (2008, p. 247). Towela also speaks about how important it is for language educators to consider time, place, and space when organizing their classes.

When thinking about language acquisition, Towela speaks about language learning that immerses the learner within the culture of the language they are trying to acquire. At French Lit., this is done by creating an environment that resembles a French cafe. French Lit. also does this by hosting movie nights. Towela sees movies as great multimodal literary pieces that communicate various cultural aspects as well as authentic language usage. Cope and Kalantzis’s (2009) thinking resonate with this pedagogical approach: “The logic of Multiliteracies is one which recognizes that meaning-making is an active, transformative process, and pedagogy based on that recognition is more likely to open up viable life courses for a world of change and diversity” (p. 10).

Towela explains that French as an Additional Language adult educators must also allow adult language learners to make mistakes, question, and explore all dimensions of the new language they are learning.

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