HNM Dance Centre-Ahn Nguyen

HNM Dance Centre

Ahn Nguyen, Director and Adult Educator, HNM Dance Centre

Short Interview

Ahn is an adult educator in dance that views the dance experience as “artwork that is personal and revealing.” HNM Dance Centre focuses on dance for artistic rather than commercial endeavours. He teaches his adult learners by providing them with opportunities to be themselves and bring as much honesty as they can handle. Ahn tries to lead a therapeutic session for dancers — a time where not everyone may be totally comfortable, but he believes it is a time when dance and expression will come through greater.

According to Leonard, Hall & Herro (2015), “dance is a way of creating autonomy and representative knowledge because the dance body serves as subject and object, acting and action, writer and writing, speaker and speaking, self and self-expression” (pg. 339). In this regard, Ahn teaches not only to learn the physical skills of dance, but to learn ways of further self-expression and personal knowledge that may help learners overcome personal obstacles in their lives. Listen below to Ahn relates his pedagogy for teaching dance.

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