Research Team

Behind the Scenes of
The Multiliteracies Project


Research Team

Dr. Susan M. Holloway, Principal Investigator,
Faculty of Education, University of Windsor

Principal Investigator on this Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Insight grant entitled, “Multiliteracies for adolescents and adults: Teaching and learning literacy in the 21st century,” which has funded this educational web platform and all research coming out of this grant related to multiliteracies. Her research is in multiliteracies; literacy; second language acquisition theory in relation to social-political-cultural contexts; content area literacy; critical and feminist theory.  

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Dr. Patricia A. Gouthro, Co-Investigator,
Faculty of Education, Mount Saint Vincent University

Patricia Gouthro is a Professor in the Graduate Studies in Lifelong Learning program in the Faculty of Education at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has served as the President of the Canadian Association for the Studies of Adult Education and as an editor for the International Journal of Lifelong Education. Her most current research explores multiliteracies, lifelong learning and fiction writing, learning organizations, and critical and feminist theory. She recently co-edited a book with Christine Jarvis, Professional Education with Fiction Media.

Rasha Qaisi, M.Ed Student, Research Assistant,
University of Windsor Middle/Secondary School Teacher

Rasha is currently pursuing a Master of Education degree focusing on Second Language Acquisition, Culture, and Society. She is conducting her Master’s research as a part of The Multiliteracies Project, focusing particularly on second language acquisition through the theory of multiliteracies. Rasha is also an elementary school teacher with the An-Noor Private School Board.

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Gelsea Pizzuto Ph.D. Student, Research Assistant, University of Windsor
Joint Ph.D. in Educational Studies Program, Elementary School Teacher

Gelsea is currently a Ph.D. student in Educational Studies specializing in Cognition and Learning, as well as an elementary occasional teacher with the GECDSB. Her research interests include alternative education, social and emotional learning, mental health amongst children and youth, and holistic education.

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Calum Hotchkiss, BA Honors Visual Arts and Communications, Media and Film

Calum is currently a Master’s student in Film and Media at the University of Windsor. He is also a freelance videographer, who directs and shoots commercials and films.  Calum’s interests reside in the areas of cinematography, directing and editing. Upon completion of his MFA, Calum plans on pursuing a role within the Canadian film industry as a director or director of photography. 

James Caron, Ph.D. Candidate, Research Assistant, Mount Saint Vincent University







Located in Halifax, James is currently studying Education in the Nova Scotia Inter-University Doctoral program where his thesis focuses on adult social learning in the workplace. He has experience teaching Graduate Education at Mount Saint Vincent University and secondary business and social studies in the Halifax Regional Center for Education (HRCE). His research-interests are in workplace and place-based learning as well as adult education and lifelong learning.

Previous graduate students who have been part of and contributed to the MLP research team:

1. Brianne MacLaren-Ross, Ph.D. candidate

2. Yalda Mohiti Asli, MEd, graduated

3. Svjetlana Oppen, M.A., Film Studies, graduated

SSHRC Grant Collaborators

Dr. Clara Howitt, Collaborator

Dr. Clara Howitt is a Superintendent of Education with the GECDSB. She has been an educator for 25 years and her areas of expertise are in change theory, educational policy, assessment and evaluation, differentiation and leadership development.

Simone Le Gendre-King, Collaborator

Simone Le Gendre-King is currently a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Curriculum Consultant with the Province of Nova Scotia, she has over a decade of international experience working with teachers, schools and communities to develop scientific literacy and innovation skills. She is an advocate of diversity and inclusion and is passionate about using technology to improve access to education. She is the Chair of the Strategy and Governance Committee of the African Canadian Women in the Public Service Network and a member of the Stakeholder & Community Engagement Board Committee of the Discovery Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.