Gene Drop Lab

Danielle Vandervecht

Kaila D'Aversa

Jaclyn Knezev

Suejeet Mann

Description of Pedagogical Tool:

This pedagogical tool, the gene drop lab, is a paramount tool used to reinforce the genetics unit in the grade eleven biology curriculum. It is a cross-curricular tool that allows students with varying types of learning strategies to learn genetics. There is the scientific component including the genotypes, phenotypes, and inheritance portion of the project. There is also an art component where students are able to draw their baby as long as the features match the science of the baby. There is a social justice component where any couple is able to make a baby, and a follow up assignment discussing the types of reproductive technologies that exist to help both same-sex and opposite-sex couples start a family. These components amalgamate to create a genetics lesson that uses differentiated learning to reinforce the curriculum. It is recommended to watch the video before accessing the files needed to follow through with the project. The video shows a simulation of two students undergoing the lab and helps give both educators and students a thorough understanding of the project and the many merits it has to offer their classroom.

Pedagogical Tool:

Lesson Plan:
Praxis Paper:
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