4th Wall Music-Liesel Deppe

Liesel Deppe, Musician and Adult Educator, 4th Wall Music

Short Interview

Liesel describes her teaching philosophy when educating flute students. Her method involves beginning with meeting the students wherever they are individually in their learning journey. When meeting them where they are, she is able to deeply understand their strengths and weaknesses as music adult learners. From there, Liesel helps them to solve their problems by finding metaphors or analogies that can help them overcome their current musical challenge.

Liesel gives an example of trying to teach adult learners where the air comes from when playing music. She teaches this aspect of playing music by having the adult learners lie on the floor with instrument cases on their bellies to physically understand and feel where deep breathing comes from. Listen below to Liesel as she recounts some of her intriguing strategies to engage adult learning in music lessons.

Here is the link to 4th Wall Music: https://4thwallmusic.com/