HNM Dance Centre-Barb Robinson

Barb Robinson, Adult Learner, HNM Dance Centre

Short Interview

Barb dances with HNM Dance Centre. She is passionate about being a lifelong learner of dance. Her career was as a professional dancer and as a secondary school teacher of dance.

Barb expresses that not a day goes by where she does not feel that dance is not the best way to express yourself. She describes dance as not only a way of expression, but an “expression of the soul.” According to Fountzoulas, Koutsouba, and Nikolaki (2018), the meaning of movement literacy includes the notions of learning through movement, learning about movement and learning because of movement, a position that points out the importance of understanding the mechanical principles related to the body in order to be able to “read” the environment and, therefore, the entire society (pg. 72). This physical knowledge enables the creation of meaning, expression, critical thinking as well as different ways of representing the world. Listen below to Barb talking about the importance of dance.

Consider exploring this link for the HNM Dance Centre in Windsor, Ontario: